2010 reading list – not best of, but all of …

Here are the books I read in 2010, with links to reviews where I have them. This is an exhaustive, all of list, not a best of list … although there are some “best of” in there … you can guess! It feels like it was a year of lively reads indeed.

  1. Sink Trap – A Georgiana Neverall Mystery
    by Christy Evans

  2. Matter
    by Meredith Quartermain

  3. Invisible
    by Paul Auster

  4. This is Water – Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life
    by David Foster Wallace

  5. Man Gone Down
    by Michael Thomas

  6. The Museum of Innocence
    by Orhan Pamuk

  7. Awake
    by Elizabeth Graver

  8. The Ordeal of Oliver Airedale
    by D.T. Carlisle

  9. The Bishop’s Man
    by Linden MacIntyre

  10. Outliers
    by Malcolm Gladwell

  11. The Children’s Book
    by A.S. Byatt

  12. Solar
    by Ian McEwan

  13. The Last Woman
    by John Bemrose

  14. Nox
    by Anne Carson

  15. Chronic City
    by Jonathan Lethem

  16. So Much For That
    by Lionel Shriver

  17. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
    by Alan Bradley

  18. Coal and Roses
    by P.K. Page

  19. Pigeon
    by Karen Solie

  20. Useless Dog
    by Billy C. Clark

  21. The Certainty Dream
    by Kate Hall

  22. The Heart is an Involuntary Muscle
    by Monique Proulx
    (translated by David Homel & Fred A. Reed)

  23. The Imperfectionists
    by Tom Rachman

  24. Migration Songs
    by Anna Quon

  25. Grain
    by John Glenday

  26. The Sun-fish
    by Eilean Ni Chuilleanain

  27. 2666
    by Roberto Bolano

  28. A Single Man
    by Christopher Isherwood

  29. Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems
    by Randall Maggs

  30. Far To Go
    by Alison Pick

  31. Gould’s Book of Fish
    by Richard Flanagan

  32. Fauna
    by Alissa York

  33. Freedom
    by Jonathan Franzen

  34. Sandra Beck
    by John Lavery

  35. Annabel
    by Kathleen Winter

  36. The Death of Donna Whalen
    by Michael Winter

  37. Room
    by Emma Donoghue

  38. Ghost Pine
    by Jeff Miller

  39. L (and things come apart)
    by Ian Orti

  40. The Bone Cage
    by Angie Abdou

  41. Windstorm
    by Joe Denham

  42. An Object of Beauty
    by Steve Martin

  43. Burley Cross Postbox Theft
    by Nicola Barker


I start 2011 with the following books started in 2010 and still in progress:

  • Voltaire’s Bastards
    by John Ralston Saul

  • Maggot: Poems
    by Paul Muldoon

  • Patient Frame
    by Steven Heighton

  • The Mill on the Floss
    by George Eliot

In 2009, I read 52 books, inspired a lot by great discussions and suggestions I found amongst the book blogging and reader community on Twitter. I didn’t match my 2009 total – not even close, really … but then, I have to ask again (as I did a year ago) are total numbers of books or pages really the point? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “2010 reading list – not best of, but all of …

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  2. Vicki Ziegler

    I keep a running "books read" diary, both to challenge myself and so I *won’t* forget. (I started it in 1983, when I graduated from university.) Out Stealing Horses has just moved up dramatically on the tbr list, Rebecca – thanks again!

  3. thebirdsisters

    I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Marilynne Robinson fan. I would say she has influenced me the most, but I also love my Carol Shields, my Alice Munro, and others. I hate making lists because I always forget some of my true loves. xoxoxo p.s. I love Out Stealing Horses — just the opening grabbed me like no other in a while!

  4. Vicki Ziegler

    Rebecca, thank you so much! I’ve been looking at your fave books on The Bird Sisters site, and am delighted to see that we share enthusiasms for the likes of Alice Munro and Marilynne Robinson. You’ve also inspired me to finally read some Per Petterson and Annie Dillard, too.


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