2017 #todayspoem tweets – poetry every single day

For now six years running, I have not missed a day during which I’ve selected and read a poem (discovered in many different ways, which I should perhaps write about separately one day), chosen an excerpt and tweeted it, including the #todayspoem hashtag. When I click the hashtag every day, I’m thrilled to see other poetry lovers, including poets and poetry publishers, sharing poems they love, that have spoken to them, that have helped them mark a day or occasion. The shared poetry comes from around the world, so it surfaces at all hours of the day and night. #todayspoem is always there, providing insight, enchantment, solace, amusement and much more.

I gathered up all my 2017 #todayspoem tweets in month-by-month Twitter moments, then I threaded them all together in a series of tweets, starting here:

Here is what the individual months look like. Twitter Moments are particularly fun to page through on mobile, where you can swipe your way through each slideshow.

Not as studiously compiled is a running Pinterest collection of #todayspoem pins.

I’m going to do my best to keep it up again in 2018. I’m excited and intrigued to see who will join me and what they will share.

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