Friends reading aloud / #sundaysentence for July 24, 2016

bookcover-mammals-ontario“Although most of us will never see a Wolverine, the knowledge that it maintains a hold in remote forests may reassure us that expanses of wilderness still exist.”

from Mammals of Ontario by Tamara Eder
(2002 Lone Pine Publishing)

My Sunday sentence comes from one of many vibrant sentences read aloud on Saturday night. Four longtime friends gathered at a cottage by a lake, comfortably tired after a sunny day of swimming, dogwalking, birdwatching and more, comfortably full after a delicious and lovingly prepared meal, to read aloud to each other. The reading selections came from a charmingly eclectic range of sources:

Such a wonderful way to knit together a special weekend spent with beloved friends …

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3 thoughts on “Friends reading aloud / #sundaysentence for July 24, 2016

    1. bookgaga Post author

      … also by Tamara Eder. She really has a gift for elevating reference / encyclopedia type material into something imbued with life and character, doesn’t she?


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