Celebrating the beautiful book object – The Children Act, by Ian McEwan

The special limited first edition of Ian McEwan’s latest novel, The Children Act, is not only a beautiful book object, but it offers some striking visual insights into the author’s creative and editing processes.

This edition charms right from the slipcover …


… which contains not one, but two pieces …


… the leatherbound edition of the book, plus an additional treat exclusive to the first 25 of the 100 copies of this specially crafted version.



The unique addition is a selection of facsimile pages of notebook manuscript and one page of hand-corrected typescript from an early draft of the novel, all supplied by the author – an intimate look into the author’s work and fascinating pieces to pore over and scrutinize.



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5 thoughts on “Celebrating the beautiful book object – The Children Act, by Ian McEwan

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    1. Vicki Ziegler

      With an edition this lovely, we decided to purchase a separate reading copy … and then my husband was in line first to read it, so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. What were your thoughts on the book? We also gave it as a gift to a friend who works in children’s social services, and she thought it was very good.


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