#thursdayreviews to help with your #fridayreads

We all know about the storied and powerful #fridayreads hashtag and tradition, whereby folks tweet what they’re reading on Friday. It’s a way to shout out and celebrate reading, good books and hard working writers, publishers and booksellers.

The Dead Are More Visible, by Steven Heighton

While touting the virtues of one of writer Angie Abdou’s great book reviews today (The Dead Are More Visible, by Steven Heighton), a fellow book tweep (@davideburga) declared that the review had inspired him to make the book his #fridayreads selection. Ah, the instantaneous, twinkling magic of Twitter!

So, OK then … What if we pointed folks to great reviews before Friday, so that they can make some good and informed reading decisions for Friday and the weekend?

Thus is born #thursdayreviews … let’s see how it goes:

  • For #thursdayreviews, on a Thursday, tweet a link to a good review of a book that you think someone should make his/her #fridayreads.

  • The #thursdayreviews link can be to your own review, or a review that you like and/or that inspired you to pick up a specific book.

  • In the spirit of the week that was (start here), #thursdayreviews can also be a negative review of something that shouldn’t be one’s #fridayreads. Ahem. Be nice, or at least be constructive, OK?

Are you in?

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