Elimination Dance, by Michael Ondaatje

Elimination Dance, by Michael Ondaatje

La Danse Eliminatoire (Traduction de Lola Lemire Tostevin)

This exquisite little gem of a book is a pointed marvel. The words, the translations and even the illustrations (including the sardonic maps at the end) all provoke laughter – much of it delighted, some of it more than a bit pained.

In 1998, filmmaker Bruce McDonald produced a short film vividly and wistfully interpreting Elimination Dance.

Thank you to Brick Books for providing a review copy of Elimination Dance: La danse eliminatoire, by Michael Ondaatje.

2 thoughts on “Elimination Dance, by Michael Ondaatje

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  2. Ruth Seeley

    During one of his rare readings at Glendon in the late 1970s I had the privilege of hearing Michael Ondaatje read <i>Elimination Dance</i> to us in the Senior Common Room (it may have been the first time he read it, not sure). It was magical. And I still have the little chapbook edition in which it was still published – nice cover stock but hideous computer paper and font! :)At one point there was a tape of him reading various poems – bought it at that Canadian bookstore that used to be between Wellesley and Bloor on the west side of Yonge Street – can’t remember its name any more. Sadly I bought it as a gift and didn’t get a copy for myself. His voice, I’ve always thought, is like a waterfall.


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