Book manna from heaven … from CBC Books

The Culprits, by Robert Hough

By virtue of the simple acts of reading a book. forming an impression of a book, forming that impression into something expressed in 140 characters, and then sending out that impression via Twitter with the wee tag #cbc140 added to it … one can be subject to the generosity of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Book Club, who might just reward your efforts with … more books.

Thanks to CBC Books’ most recent largesse, I just took delivery today of the following:

1. More Money Than Brains, by Laura Penny
2. April in Paris, by Michael Wallner
3. The Eye of Jade, by Diane Wei Liang
4. Peddling Peril, by David Albright
5. The Culprits, by Robert Hough

I confess that – as well read as I fancy I am – I know little about any of these books and authors. That’s what makes this package so delightful and makes me that much more grateful, as I’ll now have the opportunity to read some books I might not have chanced upon otherwise, and will learn about some new authors. Yes, the ice cream headache of bookish delight is gaining momentum already!

Give it a try: tweet your mini book reviews to #cbc140, and you could soon be feeling that same lightheaded feeling of bookish delight yourself!

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